Monday, February 13, 2006

Pure IDiocy!

I realize that there comes a point of diminishing returns when criticizing and making fun of the intellectually vacuous propaganda that is "Intelligent Design". But I just can't help myself.

Pharma Bawd made me go there to tell her what they were up to, and I saw this:

Aarrghh!!! Of course! Why didn't I notice that models of DNA are designed before now? It's so obvious now that I've had the blinders of Darwinian orthodoxy taken from my eyes...

Lets see what else may be an artifact of design.

I think we can all agree that a soccer ball is designed

But, what about a Bucky Ball?

Sure, this model is designed just like the model of the DNA in the ID throw pillow (really? a throw pillow?) but is the molecule itself designed? Of course not, it's formed as a by-product of burning carbon. There's nothing there but very cool chemistry. Where is the Intelligent Design vs. Valence Shell Electron Pair Repulsion theory of molecular structure? I mean it's just a theory afterall.

On a side note, I did learn that Bill DembskiDave Scot grows his own Japanese culinary mushrooms in semi-sterile conditions in his lab. That's a pretty cool "science" thing to do. I'm building a laminar flow hood in my shed so I can do sterile culture propagation of orchids myself. So, BillDave and I do share some common ground. We're both geeks.

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Comments on "Pure IDiocy!"


Blogger Pharma Bawd said ... (2/13/2006 1:22 PM) : 

Thanks for the update!

Proving, yet again, that there are no intelligent designers in the Intelligent Design movement: Their DNA model is left-handed.

I was interested to learn that Bill has a "lab". HEPA filter from Wal-mart huh? I guess that makes my kitchen a restaurant, I mean it has a refrigerator, a stove, dishes, silverware...

Damnit! I fell off the wagon. One day at a time, one day at a time...


Blogger Karl Haro von Mogel said ... (2/14/2006 11:07 AM) : 

Actually, DaveScot is the one who is pursuing the mushroom-cultivation hobby. What a strange twist of reality it is, David Scott Springer declaring himself a mushroom-growing geek with knowledgeability?


Blogger Dr. Roy Hinkley said ... (2/14/2006 6:06 PM) : 

Thanks, I'll edit that.

It's the big picture of the "Isaac Newton of Information Theory" at the top of the page, makes me think everything is coming from him.

Who is Dave Scot anyway? Just a Dembski fan or what?

He's obviously neither a mycologist nor a geneticist given his IDiotic interpretation of his mushrooms' senescence.

"The colony is basically trying to learn how to digest glass. Rapid mutation of digestive enzymes without success eventually leads to production of enzymes which digest the vv colony itself."

(He added that later or I would have ridiculed him at length.)


Blogger Karl Haro von Mogel said ... (2/15/2006 2:29 PM) : 

DaveScot is a long-time internet troll, a retired computer programmer/engineer who has been kicked off of almost every blog for threatening people with bodily harm and other lovely acts of stupidity. If you want to learn more about him, try doing searches for him on Panda's Thumb.
Today, he's the "blog czar" of Dembski's blog, check the January archives for Uncommon Descent and you can see how bad it really gets.

As for his knowledgeability, he seems to understand some concepts in biology, but keeps repeating old fallacies and disproven claims. He also likes to call famous biologists "girly men," and so, has won Dembski's approval and control of the blog when he quit in December.


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