Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Woo Hoo!

Claire McCaskill's pulling ahead and she's bringing amendment 2 along with her!

Candidate Party Votes % of Votes
Talent, Jim REP 842,251 47.7% % Yes Votes Graph
McCaskill, Claire DEM 867,683 49.1% % Yes Votes Graph

Ballot Issue Name Votes % Of Votes
Constitutional Amendment No. 2 - 2006 Precincts Reporting 3075 of 3734
Stem Cell Initiative
Yes 856,509 50.1%
No 853,097 49.9%
Total Votes 1,709,606

Stem cell research is coming to Missouri!

Thanks Michael J. Fox.

Big night for the Democrats they take the House and it looks like they'll take the Senate.

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