Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What Would Jesus Do About Michael J. Fox?

What would Jesus do about Michael J. Fox’s endorsment of Claire McCaskill for Senate against Jim Talent in Missouri?

Apparently he’d produce a commercial opposing stem cell research with some overpaid prima donnas and a second-rate actress. Here’s Jim Caviezel, star of the Christian BDSM movie that was all the rage a few years back, “The Passion of the Christ”.

Jesus Caviezel, or Jim Christ as his friends like to call him, speaks a few words of a long dead language at the beginning of the commercial to establish his bona fides as someone with the moral and ethical authority to condemn people like Fox to their dooms without benefit of the most promising medical research for their diseases. Caviezel, like Talent, prefers that frozen blastocysts be flushed down toilets instead of benefitting living people. (Incidentally, “blastocyst” is an Aramaic word that means “little ball of nothing”.).

Our Biblical Scholar in Residence, the Right Reverend Timothy Tidwell, assures me that even though his Aramaic is a little rusty, what Jim Christ is saying at the beginning of the video is quite clear:

“Don’t blame me, I haven’t worked since I let Mel Gibson talk me into doing that sadistic film.”

I guess this puts the lie to Oxy-Rush Limbaugh-codone’s latest blathering, in which he accuses the Democrats of always trotting out people to portray as victims so that voters will feel sympathy for their message. I ask you, who’s a bigger victim than Jesus Caviezel? I mean His career died for your sins.

Michael J. Fox Is Not Infallible; He's Just the Latest Victim Used by the Democrat

It’s worth noting here that Oxy-Rush’s listeners are so stupid that Limbaugh-codone feels the need to tell them that “Michael J. Fox Is Not Infallible”, he was probably worried they wouldn’t remember which actor was which, they’d see the J. in Michael J. Fox, and figure “J stands for Jesus!” and get the two mixed up. Oxy-Rush figured its better to just sound it out for the mouth readers himself.

Things really don’t work that way Oxy-Rush. For instance, I feel sympathy for you because of your victim status as an ignorant pill-popping windbag, but that doesn’t make anything you say appeal to me. In fact, the more I hear you talk the more I feel sorry for you for being such an ignorant blowhard, but that doesn't make me sympathetic to your politics.

There are some professional athletes I don’t recognize in there talking about how embryonic stem cell research isn’t worth the money. Great! You three overpaid prima donnas can donate your excess salaries, that would be everything over $50,000, to a patient advocacy group to help out the people suffering from a disease you don’t think is worth curing.

Aside: Man! Patricia Heaton’s puttin’ on some weight! She’s practically as big as Kathryn Jean Lopez I could go on at length about how stupid Kathryn Jean Lopez is, but I'm quite sure neither of my readers has any idea who she is.

Sorry, that was catty of me. But my grandfather had Parkinson’s. That means my mom has an elevated risk and so do I. Besides that I’m pro-science, pro-progress, pro-medicine, and pro-Michael J. Fox! So you bitches can go to Hell for all I care!

I mean really Patricia, opposing stem cell research because you’re afraid women might be harmed by egg donation? Another ***** I’ve never heard of, Mike Sweeney, helpfully informs us that twenty-five women have died as a result of egg donation. Obviously this isn’t from donating eggs for ESCR, so it must be over the entire 30? or so year history of in-vitro fertilization. Do you stupid ******* know how many people died working in coal mines just last year?


I’ll bet you most coal miners would prefer to donate eggs for cash if they had them, the hourly rate is a Hell of a lot better. You’re concerned about egg donor’s safety Mike Sweeney? How about picking up a shovel and take somebody’s place down in the coal mine. Heck, you just take someone’s place during the off-season, it’ll be good exercise and reduce someone’s risk of dying in the mines.

Whoever put this ad together and released it opposite the Michael J. Fox ad is an idiot.

These overpaid, pretty, multi-millionaire, prima donnas fretting over how much medical research will cost, and the fantastically small risks egg donors face (Risks far lower than most working men and women face every day!), cannot compare to the heartache of seeing a man we all know, whom many of us grew up with, suffering a fate none of us would wish on anyone. Not even on an arrogant, greedy, self-centered, Young Republican like Alex P. Keaton.

I hope they and their thugs, like Oxy-Rush Limbaugh-codone, stupid Kathryn Jean Lopez, the incredibly dishonest Ramesh Ponnuru who goes around whining about how supporters of stem cell research are dishonest because they don't distinguish embryonic stem cell research from adult stem cell research while at the same time failing to distinguish between therapeutic and reproductive cloning... (Hey Ramesh, John Cohn is right you dummy!),continue to follow Fox around and attack him for fighting for us, fighting for himself, and fighting for his own children's sakes.

Now I'm going to look for a round house because just looking at the corner pisses me off.

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Comments on "What Would Jesus Do About Michael J. Fox?"


Blogger Robert Elart Waters said ... (10/25/2006 4:47 PM) : 

About as tasteless as I'd expect for somebody who thinks that a living entity (cell division taking place; growth and development happening) of the species Homo sapiens is nothing.

What would Jesus do? Certainly not support the cannibalization of human embroyos for spare parts. That would be more Josef Mengele's style.


Blogger Pharma Bawd said ... (10/25/2006 5:57 PM) : 

Hi Bob,

So, what characteristic of an embryo makes it something worth preserving that an unfertilized egg does not possess?

No, I think leaving the "unfit" like Fox, and others in worse condition, to their fates is more Mengele's style.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (10/30/2006 4:53 PM) : 

Egg donation is painful and dangerous? Destroying blastocysts is anathema?

Well, it sure sounds to me like it's time to outlaw IVF treatments then.

Sometimes "as many kids as God wants you to have" means NO KIDS.


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (11/09/2006 10:28 PM) : 

Whoa, Jim C.-buddy, you are looking a little ragged, too. Speaking Amharic on a commercial with that Charles Manson cum Don Johnson look makes us think you might be picking up too much crystal meth from your hotel-recommended masseur, pal.

I don't mean to be catty like Pharma but it is what it is.

By the way, what went wrong? The good guys cleared the table in the election and didn't break a sweat doing it. Let's see if they really do have pairs of male gonadal organs (regardless of their genders).


Anonymous viagra online said ... (1/27/2011 5:27 AM) : 

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