Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Deep Space Climate Observatory Update

Seed magazine provides an update on the status of the Deep Space Climate Observatory, a satellite designed to precisely measure the earth's albedo for use in monitoring and making predictions about global warming. We talked about the Deep Space Climate Observatory here in January.

Seed's Mitchell Anderson makes a convincing case that politics and the desire to maintain a semblance of uncertainty with regard to global warming is responsible for the fully assembled, and fully paid for, $100 million satellite remaining grounded. In fact, both the Ukraine and France have offered to launch the satellite, free of charge, and the administration has declined their offers.

We also pointed out in July how rank and file Republicans are exploiting the vacuum of knowledge about the earth's albedo to criticize scientists saying:

"Scientists are clueless about global warming. They've never even bothered to accurately measure the planet's albedo in order to make accurate predictions about climate change."

They are effectively blaming the scientific community for a lack of data that exists only because the Bush administration has prevented scientists from collecting it. The Deep Space Climate Observatory has become a double-edged sword attacking global warming theories for incomplete data and attacking scientists for not having the foresight to go out and collect this crucial data in the first place. In reality this is just another example of the fiscal irresponsibility of the Republican Government:

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