Tuesday, December 20, 2005

We're just getting started here.

Still figuring out the publishing and layout aspects of having a blog. Things will be undergoing changes here for a while. So far we plan on having three bloggers"
  • Moment of Science-- A science educator and scientist.
  • Pharma-Bawd-- A former biologist, now working as a sales rep for the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Reverend Timothy Tidwell-- An ordained Minister and fan and student of science.
We were inspired to start this blog by a bumper sticker:

"What schools today really need is a moment of Science!"

We wholeheartedly agree. We will post about science, primarily biology, its uses, abuses, and misuses in an hopes of making some small contribution towards reversing current trends to corrupt or disrupt the teaching of science in America today.

In addition to writing about recent scientific accomplishments in the news, we will be discussing current political maneuvers that help or hurt science, the efforts to corrupt the teaching of science in high school science classes by Intelligent Design Creationists and the like, and we will occassionally discuss current research papers from the scientific literature. In addition to these essays we will have an irregular feature that will offer science experiments that can be done in the home or classroom (think: ideas for your kid's science fair project!) to help our readers understand and experience some aspects of the science that we are discussing.

The only blog inspired by a bumper sticker.

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