Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Let us Give Thanks.

The Senate Bill to fund Embryonic Stem Cell Research has passed by a vote of 63 to 37. This is not a large enough majority to overcome Bush's promised veto. 67 votes would be required to override Bush's first veto if he uses it here. The other two peices of legislation passed as well which will give him cover for vetoeing this bill. The other bills ban "fetus farming" and provide funds for adult stem cell research that does not involve embryo creation.

But let us thank the Senate for choosing the side of human beings over human cells.


Update: Hee hee! Yeah it is isn't it?
"What I don't understand is why they're allowing this to come to the floor
when it goes against the president of their own party," one House Republican
aide said. "It's going to put [Mr. Bush] in a tough spot. Is this going to be
the first thing he vetoes?"

Stem cell vote met with anger.

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